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Moodstream is a fascinating mood music player! You get three streams of input – music, images, and video, and then you get to customize them to your mood. 

When the site loads, click the Start Streaming button, then click the X to get rid of the pop up. 

On the top left of the page is the customization menu, where you can set the mood (Happy/Sad, Calm/Lively, Humorous/Serious, Warm/Cool), choose how the images transition in and out, select whether you want more or less black and white image, and more or less music with vocals. You can also set the volume control and Image Duration. 

Not sure what mood you want? Well, you can also select to listen and watch through the presets wheel. It gives you the options of the following moods: Excite, Inspire, Stabilize, Simplify, Intensify, or Refresh.  Once you’ve customized the controls to your liking or selected a preset, click the Refresh Stream button.

It will now start streaming to your settings! Sit back, watch, listen, and enjoy! 

http://moodstream.gettyimages.com/ [1]