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Most of us are familiar with Google’s famous “Doodles” – the creative pieces of art Google creates out of their logo to celebrate some holiday or occasion.  Today (05/23/2012) is no exception as the search engine giant is celebrating the 78th birthday of Robert Moog.  Moog, who passed away in 2005, was a music pioneer that invented the Moog synthesizer.  The Moog synth is thought by many to epitomize a true electronic instrument, paving the way for electronic and computer-generated music we hear today.  I guess you could call Google “Moogle” today!

Google Moog

So on to the fun.  Google’s Doodle today is a fully functional Moog synthesizer with Google’s name cleverly built out of the various knobs and wires.  You can even record your sounds on 4 separate tracks and share them over Google+ or get the link to share them just about anywhere.  Don’t know the first thing about a Moog?  No worries, as Moog Music’s website puts it, “Experimentation and learning will reward you with a lifetime of rich synthesizer experiences.”  So check out today’s Doodle over at Google and rock out!

Looking for some help? Moog Music is providing a quick “how to” for the Doodle over on their site, found here [1]. Happy synthesizing!