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MooO FileShredder

The Recycling Bin on your computer is something that gets used fairly frequently. However, most people don’t realize that just because you put something in there doesn’t mean it’s permanently deleted. Fact is, things can be recovered from your hard drive for a very long time after they are “deleted”. I don’t know about you, but when I delete something I want it gone, not just out of sight! Well, I have found something that will PERMANENTLY get rid of files you wish to discard.

MooO File Shredder is a simple program that works a lot like your computer’s recycling bin. So whats the point of having two recycling bins, you ask? Well, unlike the standard recycling bin, this program completely deletes your files from your computer. This means no recovery…even if someone tries their hardest.

Once I began the download I was greeted with a few options that are pretty standard with free programs. It asks you to install a toolbar, search engine, and set a default homepage. If you are happy with your current configuration, make sure you have unchecked these boxes before moving on. In addition, it asks you to participate with the company in their development of the software. Other than that, this program installed very quickly and easily. It doesn’t make you restart your machine, but I did for good measure.

Once I launched the program I was greeted with very simple interface. Just drag and drop files to shred and pick how you would like them shredded. This is where it differs from your regular recycling bin – it gives you four options to shred your files. Shred Once (Normally Unrecoverable); Extra Carefully (Even More Secure); Into Ashes (Extremely Secure); and Vaporize (Vanish It!).

Personally, I feel a lot more comfortable using this than the recycling bin, and from now on I will keep this handy. If you have information you may need to recover later go ahead and use the “Recycling Bin”, but if you want to completely shred any trace of the file, try this totally free program. Click here [1] to try out this amazing file shredder.

~ Scott