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More About Bluetooth

Posted By On September 8, 2006 @ 2:04 PM In Multimedia | No Comments

You’ve gone over some Bluetooth basics, but you still haven’t really told us how we can get it, what devices it works on, how much it costs, etc. Can you give some more information?

That’s a fair question. I wasn’t really able to find any information on this until now. I did some extensive research and found plenty of helpful info, so let’s get started! First of all, just in case some of you still aren’t sure, Bluetooth is a new wireless technology that allows such devices as cell phones, computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), etc. to connect easily just by using a short range wireless connection. With Bluetooth, you can have all of your enabled devices interconnected with each other. It’s pretty cool if you think about it.

Okay, let’s continue. One of the questions asked was what Bluetooth works on. Well, along with what I mentioned above, Bluetooth can be enabled on products so diverse as automobiles, medical devices and office supplies. You can go here for a complete list of the products Bluetooth will work with. Most Bluetooth products are made by individual manufacturers who sell them on their own. For example, if you buy a Motorola cell phone from your local Radio Shack, the sales representatives from Radio Shack can help you get Bluetooth on your new phone. The same goes for a new computer or whatever you buy.

Now, you may be wondering what some of the common device pairings are. Well, in all actuality, you can connect whatever you want to, but some of the more popular connections are a Bluetooth personal computer with a mouse or keyboard, a Bluetooth stereo headset with a Bluetooth cell phone, a Bluetooth cell phone with a Bluetooth personal computer and a Bluetooth media player with a Bluetooth stereo headset. Depending on which devices you use the most, you can pair anything and everything. It’s all up to you.

Some of the top name companies that have Bluetooth technologies are Microsoft, Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Toshiba, Motorola and Lenovo. Most Bluetooth enabled devices will cost a little extra. They’re not as expensive as they used to be, but they still will cost you a little more each month (or however you set up your plan). It’s said that it’s approximately $20 extra to begin with, but that may lower as you go along with the service.

Also, just to be clear, you do have to have specially made devices for Bluetooth to be able to use it. If you’re interested in buying a Bluetooth product, just check with your local stores. They will be able to give you the appropriate information for what you need. You can also check on your current devices to see if they can have Bluetooth added to them. For example, if you have the right kind of cell phone, you can get the Bluetooth technology included with it. It just depends on what you have and what all is available for your particular devices.

All in all, once you have Bluetooth enabled on any of your devices, you can use them anywhere. Since it is a wireless technology, you can connect in your home, at the office, while you’re out walking the dog, while you’re playing football with your friends, during a card game, etc. The options are endless!

~ Erin

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