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More Info From Desktop Icons

Burt from Akron asks:
Sometimes when I hover my mouse over desktop shortcuts, additional information will show up. At other times, I can get nothing more to show than what is already on the screen. Is there a way to see the extra information any time I want to?

Of course there is, And it only takes one quick left-click! How easy is that? Look at the shortcut below shown in the yellow box. As is, it only shows that it is something about RealPlayer.


The icon gives me the clue that it is probably something I saved from WorldStart, but without knowing the quick secret I’m gonna tell you, I would have to click and open it up to remember what it is about and why I even saved it. But that’s way too much trouble and I want to know more without all the work!

In the second shot below, I simply left-clicked my mouse on a blank place on the desktop before hovering it over the shortcut. Now I see that the shortcut is about the basics of using RealPlayer and is indeed — as suspected from the WS icon — from WorldStart Computer Tips. But wait! If I hover a bit longer, I get lots more. Now I can see the WorldStart web site address, the tip sub address, and even the tip number. All from one little click! I call it the OLC Plan (One Left-Click Plan).


Remember to use the OLC Plan often to save yourself bunches of time — time you can use playing a cool game instead. Right now I am headed out of here to go play my own favorite game, Jewel Quest II.