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More iOS tips: multitasking, voice control, and Spotlight

I know many of you enjoyed our Apple iOS tips that we shared in the newsletter awhile ago. Well, good news! I’ve got three more features of iOS coming your way. These tricks will work on any iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

Did you know that iOS allows for application multitasking? Just like you switch between programs on your computer, you can switch between applications on your iDevice.

To multitask, quickly double press the Home button.  Here you can view all of the apps which you recently opened. For example, if you are reading the news, and would like to send a message, simply click the Messages app. Your news app will “freeze,” and Messages will open. If you’d like to return back to the news, simply double tap Home, and select the news. Your news app will open exactly as you left it.

In addition, if you double tap the Home button and swipe to the right, an iPod controller will appear. Here you can pause, go to the next or previous song, or open up the iPod app and select a new song. Neat!

Even though iOS utilizes touchscreen, there is an even easier way to control your phone: your voice. To activate Voice Control, hold down the Home button until the following screen appears. Now you just say your command! Voice Control takes normal commands, such as “Call Mom,” or “Play songs by the Beatles.” To hear all of the commands Voice Control can recognize, say “help.”

If you have the newest iPhone 4S then you have access to even more commands using the virtual assistant, Siri. I’ll be detailing how to use Siri soon, so stay tuned into the newsletter!

If you want to perform a search for a file on your iDevice, use Spotlight. Spotlight can be found by swiping all the way to the right on the iOS homescreen. Simply type in a search keyword and Spotlight searches your contacts, applications, media, mail, messages, and memos. For example, my search for “john” brought up two contacts, and songs with artists’ names containing “john.”

Enjoy and as always if you have questions or would like to share another iOS tip, post in the comments section below!

~ Jay Neil Patel