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More Modern Browser Error & Missing Defaults

Lorine writes:

For sometime I’ve been trying to write to see if you all can help me. I have 2 questions: 1. When I open my gmail acount I keep getting a yellow bar saying that I need to update to a modern browser, now I have vista and I’m using IE9, I have the latest version but this bar won’t go away. 2. In my default programs none of mine show up, why is this and how do I fix it. I have gone in and reset all my programs and still they won’t show up.

Lorine, you may be stuck with that more modern browser error as long as you’re using IE9. It’s not the optimum browser for Gmail. However, you could choose to switch Firefox or Google Chrome.

For the empty default programs issue, I would suggest trying a system restore.  [1]If that doesn’t help with the issue, we may have to look into some more complicated stuff. Let us know if it helps.

~ Cynthia