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More on Accents

More on Accents

If you recall, we have previously discussed accented letters in MS Word. You know, things like ñ and à.

Well, it’s possible you’re not thrilled with the “finger acrobatics” that are required to make all those key combinations and maybe you’re looking for another way to insert some of those symbols.

So, here’s an alternate method you can use to insert accented letters!

First of all, you must have the Num Lock key activated and you need to use the numbers located on the numeric keypad. If you use the numbers located above the letters, nothing will happen, so be sure to use the keypad off to the right of your keyboard.

Now, place your cursor at the location where you want to insert the accented letter.

Press and hold down the Alt key.

Next, on the numeric keypad, enter the number code as it corresponds to the letter you need.

129 gives ü
130 gives é
133 gives à
135 gives ç
138 gives è
148 gives ö
160 gives á
164 gives ñ

When you release the Alt key, you’ll find that your symbol appears with the accent, letter and all, no acrobatics required whatsoever!

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