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More Room in PowerPoint

So, when you’re working in MS PowerPoint do you find yourself wishing that all the little panes that automatically surround your slide would just go away?

I mean, we automatically get a place for notes right at the bottom and a visual of slides or an outline down the left side, and for some people they are fantastic tools.

But, did you notice that all the extra panes didn’t come for “free”?

When those panes were added to the Normal view there was a price and that price was paid in the size of the slide you’re editing. To accommodate all that extra stuff, your slide got smaller.

Those of us who have been using PowerPoint long enough may remember the days before task panes and all the other stuff. Pretty much in the Normal View you got one slide at a time. No fuss, no muss and not smaller size slide to deal with while creating and editing your presentation.

Today, monitors tend to be larger and if you’ve got a large monitor then I’m sure you don’t mind the extra stuff… but what if you don’t have a large monitor and do mind?

Looking for a quick way to go back to bigger slides for editing in the Normal View?

No problem.

To return to the “way it was so long ago,” simply use Ctrl + Shift + click the Normal View button. (Check the Status Bar to locate the Normal View button.)


You’ll go from this:


To this:


With that one little click, it’s all done for you. (Definitely more slide visibility in this view!)

Change your mind?

Once again, not a problem. Just click the Normal View button again (without the Ctrl + Shift) and you’re back to where you started. It’s simple either way!

~ April