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More Spams

More Spams

I thought I would take some time today to update you all on some of the most recent spam e-mails that are making their rounds these days. You may have seen some of these in your Inboxes before or you may have not. Either way, they are all e-mails that should be completely ignored and of course, deleted.

The first one comes from the OTC Financial Network company. The subject will be of the same name and if you open it, you’ll just find a bunch of gibberish that doesn’t make much sense. Next on the list are e-mails that supposedly come from a real person. The “From” spot will have a person’s name there and the subject will then repeat their last name. For example, I got a few this morning and one of them said “Eddie Bain” and the subject read “Bain.” These have something to do with an adult daycare, but it’s also junk. A similar one to this is one that reads “Good Morning (name)” in the subject line. There’s always a name there, but it’s more than likely not your own, so steer clear.

Another that is frequenting itself around is one that comes with a subject line of “We accepted your loan request.” Now, I know some of you may be in the middle of a loan ordeal, but I’m guessing most of you aren’t. This spam message will try to get you to go through the approval process and you’re supposed to click on the provided link to do so. All I have to say is don’t do it!

Of course, there are several other spam e-mails going around, but these are the most recent and most repeated ones that I have seen lately. Check your Inbox and see if you have any of the same. I bet you do. If you do though, just delete them all and never look back!

~ Erin