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More Than One E-mail

More Than One E-mail

Do you only have one e-mail address? If so, have you ever thought about signing up for another one? If this has never crossed your mind, you might want to start thinking about it. Chances are, you have an e-mail address that you created when you first got the Internet. Am I right? Most ISPs allow you to do that and you probably took advantage of that.

Well, what about a free account? For example, one from Yahoo! or Hotmail or maybe even one from Gmail. Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m urging you to sign up for an additional e-mail address that you can also use for all of your e-mail duties. As I told you last week, it’s good to be familiar with more than one Web browser and the same goes for your e-mail.

The biggest reason to do this is for the simple matter that maybe someday, your e-mail address will stop working. For example, if you are subscribed to WorldStart’s newsletters, you may have trouble getting them because of the ISP you get your address from. Just for an example, we often have trouble connecting with BellSouth users and as of lately, we’ve been having trouble with Charter. So, if you had another e-mail address, you could sign up for the newsletters with that one and never miss a single one! You can also use the other address to keep certain e-mails separate from the others. This could work for your office and home e-mails.

There are several other reasons why it’s a good idea to have more than one e-mail address. I don’t have time to run through them all, but I’m just giving you a heads up on this. It’s so easy to sign up for a new account. Just go to the Web site of whoever you’d like to sign up with and follow the directions. Before you know it, you’ll have another e-mail address to call your own and you won’t ever miss out on any important e-mails again. Go to it!

~ Erin