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More Watermarks Please

More Watermarks Please

As a follow up to last week’s tip on watermarks in MS Word, let’s take a look at watermarks in PowerPoint.

Since we discussed the “Why” questions related to watermarks in the last issue, let’s get right down to business.

For a watermark on a single slide:

The first step is to either navigate to a pre-existing slide or create a blank slide.

Now insert the “perfect” picture for your watermark. (Insert menu, Picture sub-menu, choose the appropriate option to get the picture you need.)

The picture toolbar should open… but if it doesn’t simply go to the View menu, Toolbars sub-menu, Picture choice.

You’re looking for the Image Control button, Watermark choice from the pull-down menu.


From there you can use the other buttons to adjust brightness and contrast.

When you’ve got the picture as you want it right click over it.


From the pop-up menu you need the Order sub-menu, Send to Back choice.


Your slide should now appear with the information in the front and your picture as a watermark in the background.

What’s that I hear you asking?

Did you say…

“But, what if I want the watermark on all of my slides? I don’t want to repeat this on every slide!”

That’s what I thought I heard. (And I must say that I agree. I wouldn’t want to repeat this on every slide either!)

Fortunately, the answer is “No Problem”.

Instead of going to a particular slide to add the watermark, go to the Slide Master.

Go to the View menu, Master sub-menu, Slide Master choice.


Now that’s you’re in the Slide Master simply follow the rest of the steps to create the watermark.

When you’re done click the Close button on the Master toolbar that opened when you went into the Slide Master.

And… just like magic – every slide of the presentation has the watermark.

~ April