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More Yahoo! Messenger Features

More Yahoo! Messenger Features

Yahoo! Messenger is one of the most popular programs used by millions of Internet users, mainly for the purpose of keeping in touch with the people we know. This program not only lets you instant message with your friends and family, but it also provides tools for contacting people through a microphone and a Webcam. You can also send different types of files to them and interact in many other ways. This tip, in particular, will address these additional “special” features provided by Yahoo! Messenger. These features are what makes it different from some of the other providers out there. Let’s check it out!

In addition to some of the more standard features Yahoo! Messenger provides, these include voice and Webcam conversations, basic chat rooms (called conferences), groups, a wide selection of emoticons, sending files and photo sharing. This messenger provider also offers IMVironments, Audibles, the Buzz! option and games!

The availability of the IMVironment feature enables you to choose a certain animated background to fill the screen of the instant messaging box you have with a particular user online. By clicking on this button, which is the mini-toolbar right above the typing space of the instant messaging box, all the IMVironments are listed. It lists everything from the new ones, more popular ones, recently used ones and everything in between. They are all organized into general categories as well, so you won’t have trouble finding one you like. For example, if you want to choose an especially interactive IMVironment, “Doodle” is an ideal one, which is listed under Yahoo! Tools. This is a drawing game that can be played between you and the person you are chatting with.

Another feature, Audibles, are images accompanied by sounds that you can send to other Yahoo! Messenger users during your conversation. If you click on the lips (the second icon on the mini-toolbar above the text box), all the options are displayed and you can choose which one to send to your friend. These are organized into different categories as well and you can preview them before you send them off. These audibles make every conversation much more entertaining!

The Buzz! option is the exclamation point, located right next to the text icon on the mini-toolbar. This feature basically allows you to inform or alert the other person by shaking the message box and making a buzzing noise. This is a helpful feature to use if the other person forgets to respond for some reason or another and you want to get their attention right away.

Finally, the Games option is the larger icon located on the upper toolbar. You can play games with the person you are chatting with as well. The games offered by Yahoo! Messenger are Pool, Literati, Backgammon, Toki Toki Boom, Checkers, Chess, Dominoes, Pearl Hunter and Word Racer. With the many different features Yahoo! Messenger provides, in addition to the standard instant messaging, keeping in touch with your friends and family members has never been more enjoyable or easier!

Have fun!

~ Sheida