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Mouse Free Borders

Mouse Free Borders

Do you use the Format Cells window to create custom cell borders in MS Excel?

Do you prefer the keyboard to the mouse?

Maybe, in an effort to combine these two things, you’d be interested in a list of keyboard shortcuts to apply and remove individual cell borders?

If it sounds like a good idea to you, then read on.

Obviously, our tip starts after you’ve highlighted the cells and have opened the Format Cells window (Format menu, Cells choice or Ctrl +1) and have clicked into the Borders tab.

Once you’re at this location, you’re ready to apply borders.

You can use the Tab key to move between sections / buttons on the tab. Once you tab over to the line style section, you can use arrow keys to make a new selection.

Now for the good part! To apply or remove borders, use the following key combinations. (Excel will use whatever line style is currently selected when applying a border).

Use the key combination once to activate the border and again to remove it.

And there you have it. Even with cell borders, we can keep to the keys.

~ April