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Mouse Types

Mouse Types

What type of mouse do you use? Maybe you use a wireless mouse or maybe you use a ball and wheel mouse. Or maybe you use a…

As you might be figuring out, there are several different types of mice available to use with your computer these days. It’s pretty amazing how many there are actually. Let’s see, there’s the cordless (wireless), the footmouse, the glidepoint (also known as the touchpad), the IntelliMouse, the J mouse, the joystick, the trackball mouse, the trackpoint mouse and finally, the wheel mouse. Wow!

Some of those are pretty self explanatory, but let me describe a few of them for you. The footmouse is a new type of mouse that allows users to control the mouse with their feet. This enables you to keep your hands on the keyboard at all times. The joystick is just like the ones from arcade games, but it is used with your computer. The trackpoint mouse is also a type of joystick. And lastly, the trackball mouse is like an upside down mouse that is moved by a trackball with just your thumb or one finger. This type of mouse requires less arm and wrist motion, which can be helpful for some.

Who knew there were so many different and cool types of mice? Well, if you didn’t know before, you surely know now! The only question that remains is which type of mouse do you use and are you thinking about changing?!

~ Erin