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Mousepad Clean Up

I know this is a little silly, but can you give me some tips on cleaning a mousepad? Mine is awful looking, but I don’t want to ruin it in the process. Please help!

Just like a mouse, the mousepad can easily collect dirt, dead skin and oil. After all of that sits in place for awhile, it can start to make your mousepad look a little grimy and gross. Listed below are the steps you need to follow to keep your mousepad looking spic and span!

1.) Most of the mousepads out there today have a spongy, foamy material in them. Then on top of that, they are usually covered in a thin fabric or a plastic top. Investigate as to which material yours is made out of before you go any further. That will determine which way you can clean the mousepad.

2.) Now, if the material is a fabric, you can use a slightly moist washcloth and a little bit of shampoo. (Make sure you’re using a cloth that you don’t mind getting dirty). This works out well, because chances are, you already have shampoo on hand and it’s a gentle cleaner that works perfectly on different fabrics.

3.) On the other hand, if your mousepad has a plastic top, spray a bit of your household cleaner on it. Make sure it’s a mild kind and you only need to use a small amount. Use a piece of cloth or a sponge to then clean the pad. Even dish soap or some shampoo would work for this type of mousepad too.

4.) Once you choose which method you’d like to use, go ahead and clean the mousepad as best you can. When you’re done, make sure all of the cleaners are rinsed off.

5.) When the whole thing is rinsed, use a towel to dry the mousepad. Just pat the towel gently until the surface feels dry.

6.) Now, even though it may feel dry, there’s probably still some water soaked in, so let it sit overnight or as long as you need to. Make sure it is completely dry (even all the way into the foam) before you start using it again. Also, if your desk is wooden, you’ll want the mousepad to be 100 percent dry, because the water could ruin the surface of your desk as well.

The only other thing you want to be careful of when you’re cleaning your mousepad is the color of it. If you think the water might ruin the colors, test it out first. Just moisten a corner of the mousepad to see what it does. It’s better to ruin just a corner, rather than the whole thing. Also, if your mousepad is coming apart at the seams or if it is stained pretty badly, you may just want to go out and purchase a new one. They’re relatively inexpensive and it’s better to have a good place for your mouse to sit than to keep an old mousepad hanging around.

~ Erin