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Move Cell Contents to a Text Box in MS Excel

How many times have you found that you’ve put very important information buried in the center of an Excel worksheet?

Whatever the information is, it’s important and you need to present it well.

Is it information that can, or maybe should, be presented so that it stands out – font, text size, color, whatever you deem appropriate.

But all that is hard to do in the middle of a worksheet without creating problems with the way the whole thing looks. Besides, if it’s that important then the reader shouldn’t have to find it in the middle of a full page of data.

Of the many other things I can think of to present the data my personal choice would be a text box.

Wait, wait, before you protest that it would require manual updating every time that the information changes let me just say that if we do this right then every time the cell contents change then so does the text box!


Yeah, me too… so let’s get right to the “how to” of the thing.

Obviously you’d already have the information somewhere on the worksheet, so we’ll officially start by inserting a text box.

Once the text box is placed, select it then click into the formula bar.


Begin, as always, with the =.

Now it’s time to enter the location of the cell with the important information – simply click on the cell and let Excel do the address insertion.

Hit the Enter key.

Voila! The text box is filled with your cell contents.

You’re now free to format the text box however you like with no repercussions to the worksheet layout – and that’s always a good thing!