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Move, Copy and Link in Word

When you’re trying to move, copy or otherwise manipulate text in MS Word do you find yourself frustrated with all the steps involved?

Many people I know will choose to highlight the text then cut or copy the text move the cursor to the new location and paste.

That’s a lot of work for something that can be done with one smooth move of the mouse.


Good, then let’s get started.

Obviously we’ll still need to select (highlight) the text that we need to work with.

With the text still selected click and hold the right mouse button.

Now drag the mouse pointer to the new location.

Release the mouse button.

A list of choices like this will pop open, you just need to choose one.


Move Here and Copy Here are pretty self-explanatory.

Link Here will copy the text to the new location but it will be linked to the original text. Basically what this gives you is the ability to edit the original text and have those updates automatically take effect in the linked text. One update = many changes, can be a powerful and useful tool!

And… for appropriate items you may see the choice Create Hyperlink Here. I think we all know to expect that this option would copy the text to the new location and then set it as a hyperlink. Not a bad idea for long documents with a table of contents or just as a way to allow people using the document electronically to navigate to specific locations.

That all there is to it – with the right-click drag you can accomplish a variety of things you just have to choose which one.

~ April