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Move Or Copy?

Move Or Copy?

Have you ever found that you have text in one MS Word document that needs to be either moved to or copied to another document?

What do you do?

I bet it’s the old copy / cut and paste with a lot of flipping back and forth between documents.

Looking for a quick way to get that text moved / copied without all the flipping between documents?

If you’re thinking “Yes” then I’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Here’s the deal.

As usual, you need to open both files.

Now go to the Window menu, Arrange choice.

That command will take all open documents and fit them into the Word program window, allowing you to see a part of each of them simultaneously.

Next click into the document window where the text is currently located.

Find and highlight the text.

To move it from one document to another simply drag it from its current document window to the new one.

If you want the text copied then hold down the Ctrl key while you drag it into the new document.

Either way, text moved / copied with only a few quick maneuvers.