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Move Those Photos!

Mary from Phoenix, AZ writes “I have Windows Vista. I have over 800 pictures in my Windows Live Photo Gallery and I would like to put them all on a memory card, like the one that fits in my digital camera. What size memory card do I need to use and also, how do I export the photos on this memory card?”

Hi, Mary.

Well, to start with the photos are not actually IN your Live Photo Gallery, photo gallery is just a way to catalog your pictures.  Your pictures are actually on your hard drive in your pictures directory.  Found in the image that follows:

As to your size question… have you ever heard someone say “Size doesn’t matter”?  Well, when it comes to your memory card, size DOES matter.  A lot.  But the size that you’ll need is determined entirely by the amount of space that your pictures are occupying on your hard drive.  Here’s how you determine that. 

First, click on your START icon in the lower left of your screen, and then right-click on PICTURES.  That will bring up an options menu.  Click on PROPERTIES.

That will, as the name implies, open up your pictures folder properties screen.  About 3/4 of the way down that, you’ll see the amount of space that your pictures are occupying.

So, looking at my pictures properties here, I would need a memory card of at least 9 gigs.  This won’t be a problem, because memory cards are fairly inexpensive these days. 

The last part of your question, how to move the pictures from your computer to your memory card, is also fairly easy.  Most modern computers have a bank of memory card slots where you can plug your card straight into your computer.  It looks like this:

If your computer has one of these, simply plug your card in and you’re ready to move to the next step.  If it doesn’t, then you’ll have to use an external card reader.  If you don’t have one, no worries… they’re also fairly inexpensive. 

If you use one of these, just plug the reader into your USB port and then insert your card. 

The final step is to click on that START icon again, then click (not right click) on pictures again.  Click on your START icon again and then click on COMPUTER.  Now you’ll have two windows open on your screen that look like this:

 Click on the folders or pictures that you want to copy (if you hold down the CTRL key while you click you can select more than one at a time) and drag them over to the folder labeled “SD CARD” or whichever type of card that you have, and you’re done. 

Hope that this helps!

Randal Schaffer