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Move your My Documents Folder

Geri R. asks:
I need a new place for my Documents. In the past, I always ended up picking and choosing what to back up because the folder is too big to put anywhere. I know that everybody knows where to put their My Documents folder so that they won’t lose the data but I am not a computer person and have no idea what to do or even where to start. Where can I put it and how do I get it there? I have Windows XP.

Good question, Geri! Let’s get moving!

If My Documents is on your desktop (that’s where mine is), go to it, right-click on it, and left-click on Properties. If yours is in your Start menu, then point to Start, go up to My Documents and do the same thing; right click on it, and then left-click on Properties.

My Documents on Desktop:


My Documents in the Start Menu:


After you left-click on Properties, a box pops up with three tabs: Target, General, and Sharing. If you don’t know right off the top of your head how much space you need on the extra drive for the My Documents folder, then click on the General tab. This will tell you the amount of space you need.


Now click on the Target tab. Since I have a D: / drive, that is where I am going to move My Documents. When you look at the box in the middle of it is the button for Move. Click on it.


Another box is going to pop up. Across the top you will see Select a Destination, which is what you are going to do. You are going to select where to move your My Documents folder. In the white space of the box you will see a list of your folders. Go (navigate) to where you want to move your My Documents folder. Since I am going to move My Documents to the D: / drive that is what I highlight.


Once you click Make New Folder, you will notice that the white area of the box changes. It is giving you a New Folder to put My Documents, so you have to name it something. I left it New Folder in the example. You might want to rename yours “My Documents”. (No, really? What a name!) After you name your folder click on OK. Then click on Apply in the Select the Destination box

(Note: Notice that the Target is now the D: / drive. Under Target Folder Location it says D:/New Folder.)


And that’s it! It may take awhile to move the folder, but it is so worth it! Because now you have freed up 68.4 Gigs of hard drive space on your C: / drive! The My Documents folder stays on your desktop like it was, except now when you add stuff, you are adding it to the folder that you moved. You have changed your My Documents default location!

Hope this helped, Geri! Now you have more room on your C: / drive.

Happy moving!

~Lori Cline