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Movie a Minute

I have brought you Book a Minute in the past, but now there is Movie a Minute!  Here you’ll find ultra condensed descriptions of movies that will take you a minute or less to read! The premise is that you could read the condensed version here and skip watching the movie, but I think they are really more geared towards people who have seen the movie and will get the ultra-condensed version’s humor.

To get started, just pick a movie title from the list and check out what they’ve written for the description. There is a large selection of different movies, from classic movies like All About Eve and Gone with the Wind to more recent movies like Lost in Translation and Hitch. You’ll even classic series like Rocky and Star Wars.

I read through all of the entries because curiosity got the better of me and so many of them are hilarious. Why don’t you check them out today?

http://www.rinkworks.com/movieaminute/ [1]