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Movie Maker In Windows 8 – Where’s The DVD Option?

I have Windows 8. When I use movie maker, I see an option to put to movie on YouTube, but no option to make a DVD. How can I make a DVD?

Anderr – United States



Answer:  Movie Maker in Windows 8 does not have a DVD maker. A lot of consumers wasted a lot of time looking for an option to burn DVDs and they weren’t happy to find that option gone. Microsoft argues that people are changing the way they consume media and don’t really need the DVD option.

I know it’s disappointing to lose the convenience of burning a DVD. So you’ll need to install some type of DVD creation software if you want to make DVDs of your Movie Maker creations. There are several DVD creation programs available in the $30 to $70 range. But check to make sure the program is compatible with Windows 8. You could also look for an Open Source program such as DVDStyler.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia