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Movie Maker – Why Are My Photos Blurry?

Pat from Minneapolis writes:

I’m using movie maker 2.6 to make a movie & the pictures on my CD are very blurry–please help!

First of all Pat, that’s a pretty old version of Movie Maker.  If your system will permit, I’d go to Microsoft and download a newer version. Click this link to learn which version your system will support.   [1]Then download the newer version if possible.

If that doesn’t take care of the issue, one possibility is that are exporting the video to a DVD or DV-AVI resolution. The resolution of those formats may be much lower that a photo taken with a higher mega-pixel camera.

Consider using a higher resolution output.

When you’ve finished editing your movie in Movie Maker , choose Save Movie on the right side of the screen.

Click the arrow beside Save Movie and you’ll see many options for the resolution.

If you select a lower resolution display option, your video could look quite blurry when displayed on a larger screen like a television.  You could choose a high-resolution display option to see if that helps.

The resolutions for phones and other small devices could be poor on larger screens.

Resolutions for Windows 7 or 8 would be higher.

You could also select Create custom settings.

Then experiment with settings that might work best for you.

 I will caution you that a higher-resolution format may be too large a file to burn onto a CD. So you might wish to burn to a DVD or export to a flash drive. Or perhaps just skip the physical media all together and share you videos via the cloud or by posting on a video site.

~ Cynthia