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Movie Review Query Engine

Movie Review Query Engine [1]

So, you’re thinking about going to the movies or maybe renting one, but you’re not sure what would be good to see. Well, on this Web site, you can find movie reviews that will help you decide if a film is worth seeing or not!

Registration is free and it will give you access to premium features, such as extra reviews and to see if the film you’re looking up is showing in your area. Only the blanks with “required” beneath them are necessary in order to register.

The easiest way to use this site is to search by the title of the movie. It’s awesome if you know what you are looking for. Don’t have a movie in mind? Well, that’s no problem either, because you can also search by Search Categories. This search engine is a drop down menu, so just choose what you want to search by and click Go.

My favorite option is Recent Releases, because it’s a great way to find out what’s in the theaters now and how they fared with other viewers.

You can also check out Upcoming Releases if you want to plan your movie trip ahead of time. Or, maybe do a search for “most popular title” for the last week, previous day, last 12 hours or last three hours.

No matter how you search, you are bound to find tons of reviews on the movie of your choice. Check it out today and have fun at the movies!

http://www.mrqe.com/ [1]

~ Amanda