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Moving Checklist

I can’t wait for this fall, my roommate and I have started looking at houses. And being the overachiever that I am, I’ve been hunting up moving tips.  So here’s another excellent site I found that is filled with moving tips in the style of a checklist. 

The list starts one month out from your move date offering a check list for one month, three weeks, two weeks, one week, moving day, and post move.  As you read each list, you’ll notice that they offer very practical advice for each step of the move. 

I plan on using this checklist with the tips from BuzzFeed to make our move go as smooth as possible when the time comes. There were a lot of tips I hadn’t thought of from an organizational stand point that I think will be very helpful like inventory lists, and a file folder just for home records. I also thought the inclusion of a post-move list was very helpful. 

Go check it out if you’re planning a move anytime soon!

http://www.movingtips.org/ [1]