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Moving Up and Back in Windows Explorer

Chuck from TN asks:

When I’m in a folder in Windows XP, I see a button called Back and one called Up. What’s the difference?

One of these (the Up button) was a feature Windows discontinued in Vista and Windows 7, but if you’re navigating through folders and sub folders in XP and decide you overshot your mark, there are a few ways to go. The Back button will take you to the last folder you were in, while the Up button (a folder icon with a green “up” arrow) will take you one level up in the folder hierarchy. This may, or may not, be the same place. One other method, that works in all versions of Windows, is navigation in the Directory.

Since Vista and Windows 7 don’t have an Up button, a different approach is required to move “up”. The folder names appear in the address bar and parent folders (where the Up button would have taken you), can be accessed by simply clicking the folder name.

You can also reveal the subfolders by clicking the arrow to the right of the name.

In both Vista and Windows 7, navigation “up” can also be done by using the keyboard shortcut (Alt+the up arrow).

~ Kevin