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Mozilla Thunderbird Reply on Top

I use Mozilla Thunderbird almost every day, but one of my biggest peeves about it is that anytime I reply to a message, the cursor for my response always starts at the bottom of the message!

Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy way to fix it so that anytime you hit reply your cursor will be on top where it belongs!

Do this:

In Thunderbird, click Tools>Account Settings, and in the resulting window, make sure Composition & Addressing is selected. Under the Composition header, make sure Automatically quote the original message when replying has a check mark next to it and in the drop-down box select start my reply above the quote.


When you’re done, hit OK.

Voila! Now whenever you respond to a message, you’ll start off typing at the top, instead of all the way down at the bottom of the quoted text!

How useful!