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Mozilla Thunderbird Shortcuts Pt. 1

The more I use Mozilla’s E-mail client, the more I love it, so naturally I had to gather up some keyboard shortcuts to bolster my proficiency. Maybe they’ll help a few people out there in Internetland, too!

New message (default) – Ctrl + M
New message (non-default)  – Shift + Ctrl + M
Open message – Ctrl +O
Print – Ctrl+ P
Copy – Ctrl + C
Undo-  Ctrl + Z
Redo – Ctrl+ Y
Move to previous folder – Ctrl+ Alt+ M
Delete – Del
Delete (bypass trash) – Shift + Del
Select All (works for messages or text in a message) – Ctrl+ A
Select Whole Thread – Ctrl + Shift + A
Edit Message (as New) – Ctrl + E
Expand All Threads – *
Collapse All Threads – \

Stay tuned for Part 2!