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Mp3 Players and You

So the progression goes.. We started with vinyl records, moved to eight-tracks and tapes and then, eventually, compact discs came around and made all of them obsolete. Of course, even that doesn’t matter because now the MP3 [1] reigns supreme; bringing music out of the confines of physical media and transforming it into digital data. No longer do we have to worry about our discs scratching, or our tapes unwinding. Now we just have to worry about what kind of device to put the stuff on!

There are the ever-famous iPods, of course, and although the expense for some of the nicer ones border the equivalent of a month’s rent, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you have the coolest equipment on the block. What isn’t told is that although iPods are nice, the extra functions – like games, video support and iTunes downloads – are the real draw, and have little impact on their music playing ability. If you just want to get music on device to go, then just about any MP3 player out there should suffice. In other words, you don’t need an iPod to rock out!

Another misconception is that MP3 players are difficult to get music onto. This process can be as easy as plugging the USB cable that came with your music player into your computer and dragging files over from your hard drive. The iPod family requires iTunes, playlists and other protocol to do this.

It’s a lot easier than you think, and if you want to bring your music collection with you everywhere you go there’s no better way than the MP3!