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Mr Doob

Mr. Doob is the pseudonym used by an innovative graphics programmer, whose remarkable skills test technological boundaries. While some of the sensational graphics demonstrated on his site require specialized computer hardware or software, all selections here worked in Chrome and Firefox on retail versions of XP, Vista, and Windows 7 computers (although browser and Adobe Flash Player [1] updates may be necessary). However, there may still be hardware or software limitations on your machine, that can make them difficult–or impossible–to view.

Each image contains a link to the corresponding page. If you’re reading this online, once you’ve viewed the page, click the back arrow in your browser (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Left Arrow) to return to the article.

Click the image below and watch what happens. Then, click and drag the debris to rearrange the pile that falls to the bottom of the screen.

kevin_mr_doob_1 [2]

Click this image and follow the instructions printed on the large ball.

kevin_mr_doob_2 [3]

For the next one, just click the image and move your mouse around the screen (no need to hold any buttons).

kevin_mr_doob_3 [4]

On this page, just type a word. Tapping the Enter key first clears the word type from the screen. Then, click and drag to create ripples and waves.

kevin_mr_doob_5 [5]

There are lots of others. Select an image from the top of the screen at http://mrdoob.com/ [6] and give it a try.