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Mr.Picassohead [1]

Have you ever wanted to be an artist? Well now you can try your hand and being and abstract artist—Picasso to be precise. .

Choose “Play” and you are taken away to your canvas to begin creation of your picassohead. Here you will find your tools, color palette and canvas. Begin your masterpiece.

Choose View Gallery to see the art that came before you. You can view my self-portrait if you go to “View Gallery” and decided to use the first search option. (Be warned I have no real sense of the abstract.)

Type in :
Amanda @ Worldstart

Then click “Find”

You should come up with my self portrait picassohead. Or you just search the gallery randomly by typing in whatever you want. If you want to view the full gallery click Full Gallery underneath the featured painting. Then you can see all of those picasso’s that came before you.

Make art, Make Picassoheads!

http://www.mrpicassohead.com/ [1]