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MS Excel: Align it Top, Bottom or Middle

We all know about the usual alignment of left, right and centered when it comes to the data in our spreadsheets… you can set them all the same or change them up depending upon your needs.

However, there are times when we’ve been forced into a rather large row height for some of the data but then the rest of it looks out of awkward because it really didn’t need all that vertical space.

The predicament becomes what to do to create a look for the row that will remove that awkward, not-flowing look.

The answer may be in the vertical alignment you choose for those cells. Just as we can shift everything to the left, right or center of a cell we can vertically shift it to the top, middle or bottom of the cell.

While we can do this via the Format Cells dialog box (Home tab / Format button / Format Cells choice) it’s much faster to use the buttons displayed so clearly on the Home tab.

msex_verticalalignment_buttons [1]

Just above the usual left, right and center justification buttons you’ll find what we seek.

Start by selecting the cells, columns or rows to be affected then click the appropriate button.


The information is now aligned in the cell according to your choice which will hopefully give you a more professional looking document.

~ April