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MS Excel Cell Alignment

MS Excel Cell Alignment

Ok, so now that we all know what cell alignment is and why we should all know how to control it, let’s get to the actual aligning.

The first thing you need to do is to select the cell(s) that you want to format. You can select a single cell, highlight a group of cells, select entire row(s) / column(s) or the entire worksheet. It’s all about meeting your needs.

Once you have your cell(s) selected you’re ready to choose your cell alignment.

In Excel 97 or 2000 you should right click and find the Format Cells choice from the menu.

Now go to the Alignment tab.


In the Text Alignment section you’re looking for two different things.

The first is the Horizontal alignment list. This is your everyday text alignment (left, centered, right, justified… you get the idea).

Below that is the Vertical alignment list. This is the placement of the text at the top, bottom, middle or justified between the top and bottom of the cell.

Make your choices and click OK.

If you’re using Excel XP (2002) then you’ll find cell alignment to be slightly different.

The first step is the same. Highlight the cell(s) that need the alignment changed.

Next you should right click over the selected cell(s).

The menu that comes up will contain Cell Alignment as a choice.

When you move your mouse pointer to it you should see something like this:


This submenu let’s you choose alignment both directions at the same time via the pictures.

Find the alignment that you’re looking for and choose it.

The menu will close and the cells will be aligned as you chose.

That’s all there is to it!

You too can have beautiful, well set up Excel worksheets!

~ April