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MS Excel: Change a Chart’s Location

When we create charts in Excel we have a couple of choices for its location.

1. As an object within a worksheet

2. On its own worksheet within the workbook

What you need to know is that once it has been created you are locked into keeping it into that location.

To change the location of your chart (object to its own sheet  –  from one worksheet to another  –  take it from it’s own sheet into a worksheet) simply select the chart then go to the Chart Tools Design tab and click the Move Chart button.


See it… way down on the right side of the tab?

It will open a dialog box where you can choose the chart’s new location.


First choose a location type… in an existing worksheet or on its own worksheet.

– If you choose to put it in a worksheet use the drop-down list to specify which one.

– Should you want it on it’s own worksheet then you can give that worksheet a name right here so you’ll definitely know what you’re looking at when you land on that page.

Click OK.


Your chart is now in a new location based on your settings.

Not happy with it where it is?

No problem… start over and move it again!

~ April