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MS Excel: Disable Fill Handles and Drag-Drop Abilities

Find that you’re accidentally grabbing and dragging the fill handle causing a mess of unwanted data?

Are you a person who finds yourself staring at a piece of data you didn’t place in the cell and have no idea how it got there?

Tired of cleaning up these mysterious and frustrating messes?

While I happen to love the fill handle and the ability to drag and drop information in Excel, I know lots of people who just find those features to be more of a pain than they are worth.

If this is your opinion of the situation then disabling the fill handle along with the drag and drop abilities might be the way for you to go.

It probably never even occurred to some of you that they could be disabled but they can and with just a few clicks you can prevent the issues they seem to create for you.

We’ll start in the File tab / Office Button and then click Options.

Once in the Options dialog box we need to navigate on the left side to the Advanced category.


On the in the Editing options section, locate the “Enable fill handle and drag-and-drop”¬†option.

Uncheck the box.

Click OK.

That’s it… you’ll find yourself back in your worksheet where you no longer have a fill handle in the bottom right corner of your cell selection and you can’t accidentally “pick up” data and drop it elsewhere.

For some of us it sounds like a headache or two have been avoided.

~ April