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MS Excel: Select From Current Cell to Top, Bottom, Left or Right

Here’s a quick and easy tip for selecting cells from your current location to any of the 4 edges of your data range.

The key combination to use is…

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow key

Yep, it’s that simple.

Use the Ctrl + Shift + Arrow combination with the left arrow and everything from your current cell to the left edge in that row will be selected.

Combine this with a Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow and now you’ve got a block of cells selected to the left and above the current cell.

If you’re trying to extend the selection into the next set of data (separated from your current location by an empty row or column) then simply use the combination again… Excel will continue to extend the selection until you stop or run out of worksheet!

It doesn’t get any easier that this one!

~ April