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MS Excel: Sum It Up Super Quick

Often I find myself writing a sum formula in MS Excel. It’s not difficult, and with Excel’s Formula AutoComplete it really is simple to do, but today I have a technique that can improve our efficiency when it comes to this particular formula.

I propose that we try Alt + =.

Yep – that’s it…

You go to a cell that’s either below or to the right of the data to add and use Alt + =.

Immediately you’ll get a formula complete with the cell addresses for the data next / above that location.

msex_altsum_w_data [1]

Obviously you may still to choose to edit the cell range used but Excel will do its best to give you the most logical location.

Also, it’s good to note that this one can still be a time saver even if you don’t want the sum of the cells immediately above or to the right of the formula.

Using Alt + = above or to the left of the data provides you with this:

msex_altsum_leftdata [2]

As you can see… without any hassle you’ve got what you need set up for the sum formula now all you need to do is select the range of cells to be used.

I’m not sure it can get any easier or quicker than that!

~ April