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MS Excel: Your Inserting Options

Anyone who works with Excel for even a short time knows that inserting rows and /or columns is par for the course.

Unfortunately, when we do this it seems that we spend a lot of time either formatting that new row or column to match others around it or removing the formatting that was given to it upon insertion.

Either way it seems like an awful lot of work… and it is.

Fortunately we don’t actually have to do all that work… when you insert a row or column into your worksheet a small button will appear offering you your insert options.


As you can see, it allows you to choose between giving the row formatting from the one above it, below it or just use the default formatting (effectively stripping away formatting altogether).

The insert options for columns work much the same way:


Of course, this one is based on column to the left or right when it comes to choices.

I found that by default your row will be inserted with the formatting from the one above it and columns come in with the formatting from the one to the left… so, if that’s what you intended then no need to bother with your options.

On the other hand – if you need something different then this is definitely an option to consider.

No matter how you look at it, taking the time to use the insert options given to you can save you time and avoid frustration – and those are very good things to save and then avoid!

~ April