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MS Green And Red Helpers?

MS Green And Red Helpers?

I’m sure by now you’ve run into the red and green underlines in the MS Office Suite programs.

And I’m also pretty sure that you’ve figured out that the red underline is for a misspelled word and the green underline is for grammar problems.

But, did you know that the program could do more than let you know you have a problem, it can help you fix your problems too. (OK, so not all of your problems—nothing is that great—just your spelling and grammar problems.)

One way to get the help is to run the Spelling and Grammar check from the Tools menu (or hit the F7 key). This is a good way, but might there be a quicker and easier way?

Well, yes (at least I think it’s faster).

Have you ever tried right clicking over one of the underlined items?

The next time you see a red or green underline, try it. You should get a pop-up menu with some suggestions at the top.

For example, when I type mistkes and then right click on the word I get this pop-up menu:


If one of the suggestions meets your needs then choose it and “poof” the program will fix the mistake for you.