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MS Office 2007

Please tell us all about the new Office 2007. I’ve been anxiously waiting!

Yes, I know I promised a couple days ago that I would tell you about Office 2007 (also called Office Online) and well, I plum forgot to do it yesterday. I do apologize, but hopefully today’s explanation will make up for the wait you’ve had to endure.

Okay, so for those of you who haven’t heard yet, along with the release of the new Windows Vista operating system on January 30, 2007, Microsoft also put a new MS Office Suite out on the market. Office 2007 was unfortunately covered up a little by Vista, but believe me, it is still worthy of getting a spot in our newsletter. Here we go!

I’m going to start out with all of the new features that Office 2007 has to offer. First is the new design. Microsoft has gone all out this time. The brand new design is easier to navigate through and it also offers up a richer content level, so you will be able to “get more done in less time.” (That’s their slogan!)

The interface has also changed a lot. For this, Microsoft was going for a “less is more” type of thing and they definitely pulled it off. The new layout is a lot less “busy” with fewer links, which allows you to focus more on the essentials of what you’re working on. There are also brand new demos, training courses and extra help articles. The content you use the most is now front and center on the main page of Office 2007, so you will be able to go straight where you want to go without any other interruptions.

Now, for the navigation features. Office 2007 is pretty much run by tabs. There is a new line of tabs that cover the most popular content, which makes it so easy to find what you’re looking for. There is also a new search box and update links throughout. Each tab also has its own page filled with all of the relevant information you would need to know. You no longer have to worry about scrolling through everything, because it’s all right there in front of you.

Office 2007 also has a lot of new content included. For example, audience pages. With this, you are able to identify yourself as either a business executive, an IT professional, a developer or architect, a small business owner, a partner or just someone who is trying to work at home or at work. When you choose your identity, you will be able to use the products, templates and articles that best pertain to you. Another new item is called Microsoft Office Live and this is basically where the online part of the name comes in. This will help you take your work online with a free domain name, free Web site hosting and a free e-mail account.

The new Office suite also comes with a better search area, which will help you find anything you need to know while you’re working. There are also enhanced graphics, new templates and more clip art choices. Sounds like everything is pretty much covered, doesn’t it?!

Now, there are several different versions of this suite available. To find out which one will best suit you, click here. All of the choices are lined up to let you know what all comes with each version, so you won’t have to second guess what you’re getting. If you’re not sure what you want, you can also download a free trial that will help you decide. Or, if you’d like to take an “online test drive,” you can do that as well. Microsoft wants to make sure you are comfortable and happy with what you choose.

You can also, of course, buy Office 2007 online if you’d like. All of the prices with their versions are explained right here. Depending on what you get, the prices range from $149 to $679. I know I’ve given you a couple links already, but this next one is the one you’ll really want to pay attention to. It’s the homepage for Office 2007 and it includes everything you’ll need to learn about the products, to check out the new features and so on. Click here for it.

Okay, I have one more thing for you and then I’ll leave you be to explore. Along with everything else, Microsoft wants your feedback. Some of the things they did with Office 2007 came from user comments and they want that to continue. They would like you to give Office 2007 a try and then let them know your thoughts. You can go to their Feedback Page and fill out the form. Just let them know what product you tried, type in your comments and click Submit to send it.

Alright, I think I’ve covered just about everything and if I happened to miss something, you can learn about it on the Web site. Hope you enjoy the new Office 2007 and all its glory!

~ Erin