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MS Office 2010: One Pin For Both Recent Documents Lists

Previously we’ve talked about the Recent Documents [1] list located in the File tab of the new MS Office 2010 programs…

You get quite an expanded list as well as a list of recent places on the far right side giving you quick access to recent folders not just files.

At that time we also looked at the bottom left corner of this list where we can choose to have a number of recent files listed right in the File tab list of choices. (Much like the recent files lists that used to be at the bottom of your File menu.)

Today I’d like to take it all one step further and discuss the ability to “pin” a document to your lists… not just the big list in the Recent Documents section but also the shorter list you asked the program to display in the File tab choices.

To “pin” a file (or folder) to one of the lists is to have the program keep that file on the list no matter how many files you’ve opened since then.

You accomplish this when you click the little push pin icon to the right of the file that you are looking to keep on the list. (To unpin it click the icon again.)


The cool thing is that if you have recent documents displayed in the File tab list too then the pinned items are pinned there as well.

We all have that one file to which we always want quick if not the most frequent access.

Pin it to the Recent Documents list and it will take one of the spaces you alloted for the File tab too.

One pin… two places… faster access to what is needed the most!

~ April