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MS Office 2010: Paste Preview

Before you ask… no it’s not a typo and you did read it correctly… I said paste preview – not print preview (which office obviously does have) but paste preview.

This is a pretty cool feature of MS Office 2010, and is definitely something that you should check out!

As you would expect, this works along the same lines as print preview… see what you’re going to get before you actually paste.

It’s also a super simple thing to do.

Next time you go to paste in an MS Office 2010 program copy your information then place your cursor at the location to paste and right-click.

When the menu opens there will be a section entitled Paste Options with whatever icons are applicable for the program and situation.

As you can see, each icon will complete the paste in a different manner:




(These are the choices I received in MS Word)

You get the preview when you hover over the icon.

Click the icon to complete the paste in the selected manner.


See it and like it before you paste it – Yeah!

~ April