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MS Office 2010: Putting In Your 2 Cents

Today when I was wandering through my Office 2010 programs I noticed a neat little gadget in the list of choices offered in the Help section of the File tab.


What caught my eye was the one labeled Contact Us.

I clicked it just to see where I could get with the “tell us what you think” part.

I was taken to the Microsoft Support site and sure enough at the bottom I found a section for submitting feedback on their products.


When I clicked the link for Office Product Feedback I got this short and sweet form.


Choose what version of Office you’re addressing and then in 1,000 words or less let them know what you think.

Frustrated with an aspect of a program? Really happy with a feature but have some suggestions?

Whatever the case they’re giving you easy access to a simple method to put in your 2 cents.

~ April