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MS Office 2010: Still Having Trouble Locating Things on the Ribbon?

If you’ve recently switched from a menu-driven version of Office to Office 2010, then you may still be trying to adjust to the Ribbon.

I have found that for most people “adjusting to the Ribbon” means locating the items they frequently used in the menus.

During the course of an Office tip I’ll end up pointing out the new location of something, but what if you need to know right now?

Microsoft has put help for this situation out there.

One way they helped was the interactive guides [1] that was discussed in a previous article.

Today I’d like to give you another option for finding your missing commands.

Microsoft has also created Office 2010 menu to ribbon reference workbooks [2] that are free to download from their site.

When you go to the site you’ll see a reference workbook for any program you may need.

After you download and open the reference workbook of your choice you’ll be looking at something like this:

Notice that the tabs are labeled with the old menu names.

Choosing a menu will display a list of the commands that were found on the menu along with it’s new location in Office 2010.

Beyond the menu tabs you’ll find tabs for various toolbars – including things beyond the Standard toolbar such as the AutoText and WordArt toolbars.

In essence, it’s a highly organized quick reference that you can access very easily once you’ve downloaded and saved the file.

If you’re still “menu minded”, then this should really be a help since it’s designed and organized from that perspective to help ease your transition to Office 2010.

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