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MS Office 2010 Text Effects Button

I happened to be working in Word 2010 the other day and happened upon a new button in the Font group of the Home tab in the Ribbon.


It’s called the Text Effects button and when you use it you open a palette of choices like this:


If you take a look you should notice that these are the types of choices we would get when formatting SmartArt text in Office 2007.

So, if we’ve had these choices before what makes this one so special?

Well, simply put, you can now apply them to any text, anytime without any extra hassle of shapes, text boxes or SmartArt.

You’ve got text to format with special effects then no problem… you don’t have to insert WordArt to get them!

Simply highlight the text, click the Text Effects button and choose your formatting changes.

You can choose one of the preset text looks and then edit some more from there or you could add effect elements individually and build the look piece by piece.

Either way, you have a lot of control over the special effects we sometimes want added to text right from the Font formatting group… so where you usually set font type, size, color, bold, italic, etc. you can now add all the cool stuff too!