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MS Office 2010 Text Effects Transform Options

On Monday we took a look at the new Text Effects button in Word 2010. It’s awesome and it definitely can make it easy to get that WordArt look with any text super quickly.

But what are we going to find when we actually do go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon and click the WordArt button?

It’s a good question so I went in search of the answer.

Here’s what I found…

For most programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) I saw this when I clicked the WordArt button:


For Publisher 2010 I found something slightly different and it looked like this:


To me it makes sense given that Publisher by nature is meant to create “artsy” things so the shaping options are a welcome addition.

At any rate, when you choose a look from the WordArt palette you’ll find this in your file:


At the same time a Drawing Tools Format tab opens.


It’s here that you’ll find a whole lot of options for customizing the text as well as the text box that it’s in. You can easily change a whole lot of text effects including font color, 3-D effects, text wrapping around the object.

And… in case it never occurred to you… the Home tab on the Ribbon is available to use for formatting the font too. The basics like font type, size, bold, italic, etc. are still available to use with your WordArt text.

By the way, if you’re wondering where the cool waves and arcs for text went try the Transform options located in the Text Effects button.


So while the WordArt button initially looks a bit different the results can be the same.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I think that the results are better than they’ve ever been!

~ April