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MS Office: Add Your Locations to the My Places Bar

Some people have one central location where they open Office files from on a regular basis… but others have several locations, and it’s a bit of a pain to constantly navigate from one location to another.

The more files you open, the bigger that pain becomes until it’s an all out headache.

You’ve got to be wondering if there isn’t a better way to accomplish all this navigation.

After all, Microsoft managed to put a list of locations that they thought would be useful on the left sidebar… why shouldn’t we be able to add ours since we’re the one who actually uses it?

Well, why not?

Actually you can, and I’m happy to let you know that it’s a very, very easy process… ahhh, if only everything were as easy as this…

Anyway, back to business.

To alter the list in the My Places bar, you’ll want to start either the Save as or Open dialog box via one of the Office programs.

Once there, navigate to the location you want to add to the choices on the left.

Select it.

Now right-click in the My Places Bar.


The first entry in the menu that opens is Add ‘your selected location…’

Choose it.


The location you chose is now on the My Places Bar where you can navigate to it with a single click… no more into and out of folder… use the shortcut and your on the express train to your destination without delay.

~ April