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MS Office: Customize Your Hyperlink Screen Tips

We all know that when we put hyperlinks in our documents that upon hovering over it you see a small instruction box called a screen tip.


Unknown to many, this screen tip can be altered to give your reader whatever information you’d like to impart.

Maybe something like this?


Regardless of what you want in the screen tip, it’s the “how to” part that we’re concerned with at the moment.

The screen tip text can be added either as you create the hyperlink or afterward by choosing to edit it (right-click then choose Edit Hyperlink).

Once in the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, you’re looking for the Screen Tip button in the upper right hand corner.


This will open the Set Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box.


From here it’s pretty self-explanatory… enter your text then click OK twice.


You’re back in your file and you now have a screen tip that worth reading!

~ April