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MS Office: Finding the Close All Command

With the newest versions of Microsoft Office you may have noticed that the Close All command seems to be MIA.

I know that I usually have multiple files open and have put that trick to good use.

However, when I went in search of it in recent versions it was a “no luck” situation…

You’ve got to wonder, did they get rid of it or are you missing it?

The truth is neither of those… they kept it, but you’re not missing it when you look… it’s simply “hidden” and needs to be brought out into the open.

We’re going to do this using the Quick Access Toolbar.

As you know, we can add and remove commands from that little toolbar and so it’s here that we’ll put it into plain view.

Use the down-arrow on the right of the Quick Access Toolbar to select the More Commands option.

msoff_cust_QAT [1]

Once in the Options dialog box you should already be in the Customize category and looking at this:

msoff_closeall_2QAT [2]

On the left, use the drop-down list to choose All Commands, then go through the resulting list to find Close All.

With Close All selected, use the Add button in the center to put it on the list for the Quick Access Toolbar.

Click OK.

Voila! Close them all at once just like the good old days.

~ April